We Deliver the Promise…

Get the most of your CX investment with Helix Xperts.

The promise of delivering extraordinary, brand-defining experiences is why you’re here. Drawing on hundreds of successful engagements, Helix has the depth of experience and breadth of services and solutions to deliver the promise of Modern CX.


Contact Centers Deployed

Contact Centers

We can help you implement a contact center solution that adds to the success of your overall strategy. We’ve been CX managers responsible for contact center performance, and we’ve helped hundreds of leading brands optimize their centers, so we understand the challenges of making significant changes that affect your customers, team, and profitability. We help you make the most of your investment with sound plans, integration, and trusted advice and services.

Analytics & Reporting

Agent Experience

Business Process Alignment

Omni Channel

Outreach & Campaigns

Phone CTI


Integrations Completed

Integration Services

We are industry-recognized leaders in helping clients provide seamless multi-channel service. When you need to add a new channel or integrate any third-party or back-end system, you can feel confident that we’ll make it easy. Through our experience we’ve seen it all and can provide you with trusted guidance for ensuring that your service reflects best practices and the latest technology.


New with Legacy

ODBC Replacement


Custom Endpoints

Middleware and Point-to-point

Web Experience & Self-Service Portals

We create beautiful, customer centric, web experiences that align with your brand and continue to build customer loyalty and efficiencies.

Denon's Customer Portal by Helix

Helix created this modern customer portal experience to help Denon delight its customers.

Fanatics Customer Portal by Helix

Fanatics customer portal makes customer service a priority and enjoyable experience for its customers.

maurices recently updated its customer portal experience with the help of Helix.

Xpert Managed Service

Xpert Services from the very beginning...

You’ve made a significant and powerful investment with Oracle Service Cloud and Helix wants to help you see the results. Our experience and successes make us Service Cloud Xperts, fully equipped with a knowledge of industry standards, pitfalls and best practices. We can help you stay out of the ditch and on the road to success. It’s as if you hired Helix as a member of your internal team.

Xpert Services for any length of time...

Whether you need Helix Xperts indefinitely or just to help fill short gaps on your team, Managed Services is a model that empowers you with the best and brightest from our experienced team to accomplish your internal goals no matter how long you’ll need the Xpert services

Our Managed Services Philosophy

Helix can put hundreds of man years of both Customer Experience and Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) experience at your service.  You can use all of this experience today, and it will be much more cost effective and easier than spending the time and money trying to learn and do it yourself.

Now that you’ve purchased Oracle Service Cloud the questions now become:

  • How do we want to maintain it and drive it?
  • What happens if we use it wrong or if we break it?
  • Are we using all the capabilities of our SaaS?

With our Managed Services, you can be sure that all of these questions are put to rest and know that your investment will pay off faster.

Extend your Oracle Service Cloud with Helix Add-Ins

You can do more with Helix’s add-in solutions that expand the functionality of Oracle Service Cloud.


SMS as a Channel

Wondering if you could communicate with customers via text messaging? With Helix’s SMS as a Channel you can provide support to customers using today’s most requested support channel.

Smart Assistant for Chat

Use the fundamentals of Service Cloud for Chat. Smart Assistant for Chat provides answers to your customers faster without engaging a Customer Support Associate.


Collaborate & Track

When a customer asks a question that your Customer Support Associate can’t answer, send the question to the right person on your team and get the right answer and seamlessly track the record within Service Cloud.

Assess, Plan and Optimize

Customer experience includes every interaction your customers have with your company. Whether they contact you in person or via web, phone, chat, or social media, they expect quick, consistent, intuitive service. We‘re experts at helping companies use leading-edge technologies, smart integrations, and proven best practices to deliver experiences that strengthen their brands. We can provide you with a map of how to elevate your CX, and be your long-term partner so that you stay ahead of your competitors and build lasting brand loyalty.

Assess: Get Going

Plan: Get Better

Optimize: Get Ahead

Custom Training

Our level of experience has made us the provider of Oracle Service Cloud training to partners all over the world. We are experts in helping organizations learn Oracle Service Cloud and put significant emphasis on developing a training plan so that when the solution is live, your customers are satisfied and your team is productive. Our trainers have extensive experience in technology instruction and focus on best practices in training. Call us for on-site and virtual administrator, analytics, end user, and one-on-one sessions.

Administrative Training

Knowledge-base Management

On-site or In-person

CX Express

If you have a call center with fewer than 25 agents, our CX Express service enables you to go live with Oracle Service Cloud in as few as four weeks. CX Express makes your job easy with fixed-price options, rapid deployments, and flexible solutions. We can help you prioritize which features to unlock during your initial implementation and which ones you can phase in. There is no long proposal or contract process—get your system up and your team trained in weeks with no unexpected costs.

Fast and Affordable Implementation

Pricing Options

Customizable Scope

Public Sector Solutions developed by Helix

Delivering a modern experience to your organization through mobility, world-class security, and business intelligence.

Vital Cylce

Permits, Licensing, Inspections and Enforcement

Our mobile enabled platform ensures compliance and safety while capturing irreplaceable revenue in the public sector.

A modular child welfare case management solution.

Our cloud-based, mobile enabled platform, VitalChild ensures the interconnectivity of data so that every youth is known and with MDYA360 assessments, outcomes are the priority.

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