CX Care

Scalable. Reliable. Unbeatable. That’s CX Care.

With Helix’s brand new CX Care, you’ll receive support and maintenance from the experts who know the technology better than anyone. With the launch of CX Care, we leverage an average of over 10 years’ experience of implementing and maintaining CX (instances) to offer our unmatched depth of knowledge and insight to your company, at a fraction of the cost you might expect.

Your CX Support, on your terms.

Just need minimal support? Sure thing.

Next month you’ll need more? Absolutely, we’re here for you.

That’s the beauty and scalability of CX Care. Whether it’s occasional support or

the equivalent of a full time CX expert, CX Care has a service package and theadd-ons to perfectly fit your needs today, tomorrow and into the future.

Meet your team of experts.

As a CX Care client, you’ll be part of an experienced, savvy community –

the CX Care Community. There you can count on expert advice, exclusive product and service discounts, and our always current training videos. The best part? Packages start at, well, free.

State of the art features and unmatched support.

That’s just how we roll.

Admin Services

Ask-an-Expert services, available online, by phone or through self-service channels. However you want to contact our experts, we’re here!

Software Compliance Monitoring

No one likes to read the fine print, let us help you stay within the lines

CX Release Feature Reviews

Expert review of the features, changes, benefits, and ramifications of Oracle’s quarterly CX releases. 

Annual Upgrade Guidance

Confused by your annual upgrade process? Helix is here to provide guidance on best practices for your organization.

Helix Service & Product Discounts

Looking for industry specific extensions that add value and functionality to the platform? We have developed many services and products that fill those gaps.

Customer Experience Mapping

In today’s world of knowledge and information we want to make sure that your customers get the answers they want when and how they want them.

Strategic Road Map Planning

It’s not enough to be marching forward, you need a plan and a destination.  Let Helix help you create that plan.

Quarterly Health & Alignment Reviews

We’re here to help you get the most value from your investment both in licensing and functionality.

Purpose-built for you.

Helix CX Care was created specifically to fully support companies like yours, using Oracle CX applications like Oracle Service Cloud, Field Service Cloud, Process Automation, and Business Intelligence.


As long time Oracle CX users, integration leaders and educators ourselves,

we know the ins and outs of CX applications better than anyone. We’ll help

you save money and minimize downtime with CX Care.

Choose your level of expert support:

Level 1: Sustain

The sure way to keep your CX instances

up-to-date and running smoothly.

Oh, and it’s free

• Count on Admin Services from our Ask-an-Expert team

• Enjoy full access to our CX Community of peer and expert advisors

• Take advantage of our Annual Upgrade Guidance

• Stay current with Quarterly Feature Review

• Strengthen your own teams with our Helix Xpert services training videos

• Save money with discounts of up to 15% on Products & Add-ins

Free when you sign up for CX Care

Level 2: Improve

For when you’re on the path of steady

improvement. Includes everything in

Sustain, as well as this suite of services.

• Access Helix Tier 1 Support

• Enjoy expanded Admin Services from our Ask-an-Expert team

• Leverage Oracle Support Assistance

• Add Multiple Authorized Users

• Save more with discounts of up to 35% on Products & Add-ins Only

Level 3: Strategize

When your business demands solid and

strategic progress, quarter-after-quarter.

Includes everything in Improve, along

with these top-tier services.

• Enjoy further expansion of Admin Services from our Ask-an-Expert team

• Receive Quarterly Business Reviews • Leverage complete Road Map Planning

• Stay up-to-date with Quarterly Technical Reviews • Gain new insights into customer behavior with Annual Customer Experience Mapping

• Add up to four (4) Authorized Users

• Save even more with discounts of up to 50% on Products and Add-ins Only

Staff up without staffing up:

CX Care Admin Services

Want to add administrative services to your CX Care package? Easily done, and at a vastly discounted rate

if you’re part of our CX Care community. Think of it as adding an admin staff without all the HR paperwork.



Choose from three levels of support:

Base Admin Support

Enjoy expert support from our first available CX Care Admin.

Named Admin Support

A specific admin learns your business inside and out, and is dedicated to supporting your system.

Named Strategic Admin Support

It’s as if they work for you. One of our top-level Admins configures, administers and oversees your workflow, keeping a constant eye on your path forward.

Support that’s above and beyond:

CX Care Expert Services

Do your needs sometimes exceed routine CX Care? Now you can buy blocks of time with our Helix Xperts to use for any of your IT needs, CX and beyond. Ideal for integrating your CX product into another back end system, or other specific project or deliverable.

Expert Services are geared toward admin, configuration or strategic development – wherever you need the additional support and personalized service of a Helix Xpert.

The services of one of our CX Xperts can easily be added to your CX Care package at a significant discount, adding tremendous value. Your success is our success.